Little red book promotion

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  1. As one of the mainstream content social platforms in China, xiaohongshu cannot be promoted without making content. The professional saying is xiaohongshu grass planting, which is divided into plain grass planting and expert grass planting. How to choose and match needs to be planned in advance:


    Brand layout

    In addition to planting grass, today's xiaohongshu has also become a verification platform for users of skin care products, mother and baby products and other products. Therefore, before making xiaohongshu drainage and promotion, the brand should make its own layout on xiaohongshu.


    Drainage promotion

    After doing a good job in the brand layout, the work of the brand is to promote and drain, and promote on the little red book. For general brands, we can choose the methods of talent promotion, keyword optimization, official information flow and so on.

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