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Google ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) is an advertising service product developed by Google, in which advertisers can display products, services or videos to network users through bidding. It can display advertisements in Google search results, non search websites, mobile applications and Youtube Videos.

Function and function

Google Advertising can help businesses accurately locate customers and help achieve marketing goals, including:

Increase website traffic

Through online advertising, it can attract overseas users to visit the website and effectively improve online sales, inquiry volume, e-mail subscription and other indicators.

Attract more calls

By adding the telephone number and click call function in the advertisement, it can improve the amount of customer calls.

Increase the customer flow of physical stores

By placing business advertisements, users can easily find shops above the map and effectively improve the customer flow of physical stores.

Advertising products

Google ads provides a variety of advertising types, from which businesses can choose the most suitable one for themselves.

Search advertising

By placing search advertisements, potential customers can notice the advertiser's brand, consider the advertiser's products or services and take actions when searching for corresponding services and products.

Display advertising

When potential users browse the web, watch YouTube videos, check Gmail emails, and use mobile devices and applications, display advertising will enable users to see the advertiser's business at the right time.

Video advertising

Video advertising can attract users' attention on a large scale, stimulate users' demand for products or services, and effectively improve users' awareness of the brand. When potential customers watch or search videos on youtube, they can see the video advertisements put by advertisers in real time, and advertisers need to pay only when they show interest.

Shopping advertising

Shopping advertising series can help retailers promote online and local catalogues, increase the traffic of websites or local stores, and obtain better potential customers. Whether the target customers are at home, on the way out or in the physical store, shopping advertising can accurately grasp the key time and present the products in front of them.

Application advertising

By launching the application advertising series, we can accurately find users who are interested in the advertiser's mobile applications. Application advertising can promote the advertiser's IOS or Android applications on many launch networks such as Google search, youtube and Google play.

Advertising tools

Keyword planner

Help businesses find the right search advertising keywords, so as to display the advertisements to the right customers. Keyword planners can clearly count the search frequency of some words and the change trend of these search words over time, find new keywords, and estimate a reasonable bid for each keyword. According to these analysis data, businesses can formulate their own advertising plans.

Google ads editor

Google ads editor is a free downloadable application that allows advertisers to easily and quickly manage advertisements offline and make batch changes.

Manager Account

Through the manager account, you can manage multiple accounts at the same time. Advertisers can easily make updates in multiple accounts at the same time, including changing the daily budget and suspending the advertising series. You can also use tags to organize accounts, create automatic rules, set reminders, and receive email notifications.

Coverage planner

This tool customizes YouTube media strategy for advertisers, including brand planning, developing media strategy, discovering new audience groups and covering ideal customers on youtube and the whole network.

Google ads mobile app

Help advertisers understand the effect of sea advertising anytime and anywhere. You can monitor the advertising Series in real time in Google ads mobile application and get practical and efficient suggestions at any time.



In Google ads, advertisers can set the average daily budget for advertising series and change these budgets at any time. Google ads spending will never exceed the monthly budget limit set by advertisers, and advertising can be stopped at any time.

How to charge

Google ads will not charge fees other than advertising fees, except for taxes and fees in some countries. The fees charged include advertising fees, all unpaid fees in previous settlement periods, and taxes and fees applicable to some countries. The charge will not exceed the minimum payment limit.

How to advertise

Step 1 decide where to put the advertisement

When advertisers decide where to put ads, Google ads will accurately put ads to target users.

Step 2 make the content to be conveyed

Use three short sentences to highlight the most unique advantages of the products or services provided by advertisers. You can also make more eye-catching banner advertisements by adding pictures.

Step 3: set budget ceiling independently

The actual payment will never exceed the monthly budget limit set by the advertiser, and the advertiser can adjust the budget or suspend the launch at any time. At the same time, Google ads will also show the corresponding estimated effect according to the budget set by advertisers.