Read Google promotion program


Summary: take you to know Google keyword promotion scheme.

1 keyword table

This is the premise. It is very important to find out what keywords your potential customers find you through. You can use Google keyword planners to search for long tail words through large categories of words, and then filter them according to the meaning of keywords. For example, if you are a mask manufacturer, the customer will search the breathing mask; mask;   Gauze mask manufacturer and supplier keywords.

2 matching method

When customers search for potential suppliers on Google search engine, if our advertisement matches the keywords searched by customers, we will appear. At this time, you can choose to match exactly, that is, when the keyword in the advertisement is the same as that of the customer. If the customer searches for the mask manufacturer, there is also a mask manufacturer in your advertisement. At this time, our advertisement will appear in front of the customer and match the customer. We suggest you use exact match.

3 bidding method

Remember, a principle, if you have only a few keywords with commercial value in this industry, then pay a high price; If your industry has a lot of business value words and high procurement frequency, you can choose not to pay a high price, but also have a lot of opportunities.

4 high performance website

Fast speed, but also pay attention to the design sense of template style and user experience. Fast speed means that the overseas opening speed should be within 2 seconds. The user experience is to achieve the purpose of marketing website. Inquiry submission form and real-time customer communication system are also essential.

5 tracking code

Google Advertising tracking code must be installed to analyze the behavior data of customers after visiting our website through advertising, so as to optimize Google Advertising. One of your most important indicators is to track the bounce rate of the website. The jump out rate is that if 100 people visit your website and only one person continues to see more than the second page of your website, it means that 99 people leave after reading only one page, which means that the information on your website does not meet the needs of the other 99 people at least, then the jump out rate is 99%. By optimizing Google ads and websites, you can reduce the bounce rate of websites. Remember a principle, the lower the jump out rate, the higher the probability of inquiry conversion.

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