Google Advertising Methods and processes


At present, Google Advertising is divided into display advertising and search advertising

According to your requirements and goals, choose display advertising or search advertising

1. Search advertising

Also known as keyword advertising, we optimize keywords and track the transformation effects brought by different keywords through keyword research and the advertising effects you feed back. Suitable for precision marketing and enhance business transformation

2. Display advertising

According to your requirements, you can choose video promotion or Google display network promotion. We will optimize the promotion channels of the display network according to the effects of different display channels, so as to achieve the best transformation through the display network. Suitable for brand publicity and enhance brand awareness

technological process:

1 if you don't have an account, we guide you to open a Google advertising account

2 establish a connection with our advertising account

3. We set up and launch advertising programs

4. Provide feedback and Analysis Report

During this process, you can ask us to suspend advertising or improve the delivery scheme at any time according to the situation.

As for what kind of advertising is suitable for your business type, if you don't know, we will analyze it for you.